HELEN LEE official store opening event

HELEN LEE has opened its brand new flagship boutique with an interactive and entertaining event on May 20.

A three-day ‘Love Spell’ event was dedicated to a romantic 520 holiday. Visitors chose love spells爱语 off the special HELEN LEE wish wall as souvenirs to their beloved second halves. Guests also enjoyed tasting luxurious Veuve Clicquot rose champagne with unique DIY namesake glass rings, created during the event ‘s special DIY session, while shopping for HELEN LEE new styles. A few lucky ones had the chance to win value coupons and designer presents in the lucky draw marathon. The lucky draw promotion ends on June 5 and is available with every purchase at HELEN LEE Sogo JiuGuang, so hurry up and grab a chance to win amazing presents from HELEN LEE.

The new flagship is located on the 3rd floor F318 of SOGO Jiu Guang Department Store in 1618 West Nanjing Road in Shanghai.

HELEN LEE new flagship store is open!

HELEN LEE has opened a new flagship at Jiuguang Department store, 1618 West Nanjing Rd, 3rd floor F318! Make sure you stop by to try on our Spring-Summer 2016 collection!

*All VIP discounts and previous coupons are valid for purchase in our new store.